E-learning by means of Open Source systems

Also in our field, some customers consider using Open Source software. We offer our customers comprehensive consulting in this regard in order to define whether or not the use of free systems is reasonable.

Linux, Android, Wordpress, Thunderbird – Open Source programs are already standard in many areas of everyday life. When it comes to e-learning, however, commercial service providers remain predominant: On the one hand, many Open Source programs have been developed in universities and hardly match corporate needs.

On the other hand, theses programs often lack support by their providers. Software errors are not fixed fast enough or not fixed at all, a guarantee is not always given, and maintenance and updates occur only at long irregular intervals.

Open source e-learning solutions

In addition, Open Source systems often lack a coherent and consistent concept of use. As a result, users spend much time to familiarize with the system – a tremendous internal effort, which often leads to frustration.

In case the author of the software is not known, a further and serious disadvantage is the lack of data security. In the area of e-learning, this aspect becomes even more relevant in entrepreneurial processes, especially when it comes to the processing of personal data.

Nevertheless, there may be various reasons why a company considers using Open Source systems. We as a solution provider help you to carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Request more information now.

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