Our Corporate Responsibility

We as a company are well aware of our social responsibility. We constantly seek to live up to it and try to create a positive influence on other people, social processes as well as the environment. Based on this attitude, we define the following guidelines for our thinking and actions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We avoid causing damage to individual persons or organizations, and in case of any conflict of interest, we strive to find a solution while aiming for a win-win situation.

We do not offer our products and work to an organization or individual person whose actions according to our opinion cause any avoidable damage to society or individual persons.

Although we strive for a reasonable profit from our entrepreneurial activity, this objective is on hold when it comes into conflict with our social responsibility.

Environmental protection and sustainability

Just like any other modern company we make a serious effort to prevent environmental damage.

In addition, our business activities allow us to do even more. People often underestimate how a consequent use of e-learning may considerably contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution by eliminating travel and reducing paper consumption. Of course we also advise our customers on how to consciously optimize these effects.

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