Customer support at X-CELL

What exactly do we expect of the quality of our customer support? To be a flowering oasis in the “service desert Germany”. No more, no less.

Admittedly, this might sound a little exaggerated. But for us those are not just words, we have incorporated their meaning. At X-CELL you will definitely not experience to be stuck in line listening to soulless computer menus before your call is answered, or to cope with overstrained students or to patiently wait days for your promised return calls. You are probably able to easily continue this list of cruelties, which you experienced at other companies.

What to expect of X-CELL instead: After having dialed our number, usually it takes you less than a minute to speak to one of our competent employees, who will immediately respond to your request (whether of technical or commercial nature) or, in case of a more complex inquiry, who will get back to you with the required feedback within the agreed period of time.

All of our employees comply with our higher-than-average standards for customer-oriented behavior at any time: from technical support to user support, to project management and accounting up to sales.

Of course, anybody could claim this. So why don’t you just try it out: +49 211 598810-0. We are looking forward to your call or email.

Are you curious to find out more?

To contact us quickly and easily, simply fill in the form on the right and click “Request call back”. During our office hours, the respective client advisor will call you back in the shortest time. Of course you may also choose to define your requirements.

We will also be pleased to receive your call immediately: +49 211 598810-0. Whichever way you choose, we are looking forward to getting in contact with you.