Return on Investment (ROI) in e-learning projects

E-learning along with the right concept and its consistent implementation can make a considerable contribution to increasing your company’s success. A standard ROI assessment in advance to the start of your project provides a realistic evaluation regarding the potentials, and improves the measurability of your success.

There are certainly still companies, which believe that e-learning is just a topic of the future, and which now and then make an experimental move, if at all. Without a doubt, this rather defensive view on the matter pushes these companies into the background, in comparison to competitors that are implementing e-learning consistently in their IT, HR and marketing processes.

E-learning can considerably contribute to the achievement of the following objectives:

  • Reduction of training expenses: saving of costs for travel, rooms, hospitality as well as external and internal staff
  • Increase in sales: Faster and better training of your sales division, trading partners and customers
  • Opening up new distribution channels / development of new products: Sale of learning units or live training sessions (webinars) to the customers
  • Increase of employee motivation and satisfaction, individual and more efficient and entertaining learning experience
  • Audit-proof documentation of trainings as required by law, such as occupational health and safety, data protection and data security, General Equal Treatment Law, HACCP and others
  • Increase in process reliability and quality, e. g. process trainings
  • Easier and cheaper way to obtain legal certainty, e. g. compliance trainings
  • Increased speed and flexibility of the entire organization through more rapid and efficient learning among all target groups, e. g. product trainings for short product cycles
  • Improved data situation in marketing and sales: feedback mechanisms and real time evaluation
ROI of e-learning projects

The objectives listed above highlight the variety of possibilities, however, they also show that due to the high number of soft factors, it becomes impossible to calculate a standard ROI, particularly since in most companies the required data is not available.

Nevertheless, what is important is the experience that the majority of e-learning projects are already profitable within a one-year period (in case of consistent implementation), and our offer to provide assistance in the best possible way regarding the ROI calculation of your individual case.

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