Customized e-learning content

From simple product trainings to highly complex technical process trainings – The conceptual work does not start until we have fully understood your market, your products and services and of course your target groups.

It is your target groups we lay focus on in the second phase, which is the development of a didactical concept for your individual e-learning content: To achieve the learning objectives, and thus to ensure the success of the entire project, we have to consider not only factors like technical equipment and educational background, but first of all the motivation of your participants. This is the prerequisite for achieving the learning objectives on a broader scale.

The following principles serve as a guideline when creating learning content.

Identifying relevant information


We create learning worlds which match your participants’ knowledge gained in their daily experience, and thereby enable an easy transfer of the content learned to the (working) world. This includes not only the development of concrete and realistic examples, but most of all it means to avoid anything that does not clearly contribute to the achievement of the learning objectives.

Focusing on the important aspects


We do not want your users to read through text deserts, but provide didactic, concise content which is accompanied by visual elements wherever possible. These elements are never just “decorative” but convey important information through illustrations, photos or infographics, in order to improve understanding and save a lot of text.

Targeted use of interaction elements


Primarily, we rely on experiential learning: If I have already actively applied knowledge, it becomes easier to remember. In this regard, we do not shower your target group with information, but encourage users to get active and participate. In the end, this is more fun and extremely effective.

Designing entertaining and attractive contents


An attractive training includes excitement and fun as well as an aesthetically appealing appearance. We want to entertain your users with thrilling slogans, a comprehensive story line or the training as a story, since dramaturgy is a very important feature for us.

Depending on the project and requirements, our services include:

You are of course free to use our Design & Content services at any time, regardless of whether or not you implement our e-learning all-in-one solution AcademyMaker. The learning units we produce can be exported in any SCORM compatible learning management system or used independently in the form of a web-based training or app.

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